Two-Day Residency: $1,200
Three-Day Residency: $1,650
Four-Day Residency: $2000
Full-Week Residency: $2,500

Travel fees will be discussed at time of booking for locations more than 30 miles from Waynesboro, VA.

The Storyteller-in-Residence programs focus on sharing the excitement of stories and storytelling through a variety of high-energy, interactive activities that can include many students and teachers during two- to five-day residencies.

Barb demonstrates her own storytelling style with students and staff during her wild and loud assembly programs, and then encourages children to try out their own storytelling skills in student workshops. She plays language games and does author talks in individual classrooms.

During the teacher workshop, Barb shares storytelling techniques and ideas that can be used in the classroom. And the Grand Finale of the residency can be an awesome Collaborative Creation – a School-Wide Story Writing Event or a Student Storytelling Festival for parents! Storytelling is a valuable tool that helps students improve literacy skills and teaches them about other people, places and cultures.

So get ready! Set! Go – contact Barb!