Reviews – Songs With a Twist

twist_CD“Thank you Barbara — your ‘Songs with a TWIST’ CD is a hit with my daughter who saw you last year at Arrowhead Elementary, and many of the songs are a part of my regular routine in my preschool classroom. I am a speech language pathologist — we warm up every preschool class with the ‘Flea Fly’ song because it is a great way to get everyone’s articulators moving as it hits almost every single English sound. Even if their productions aren’t precise, the effort the children use to try to get all the sounds during the song are a great exercise!!!”

Sheri Castellarin
Teacher and Parent
Virginia Beach Public Schools

“I got the CD when I became a new foster parent to a two-year old. It was fun to see her respond to Barb’s songs and before long, she was singing parts of each song. Now she enjoys singing along with most of the CD, as well as quoting Barb’s song introductions! It’s a big hit for road trips! It will surely be a happy childhood memory for her. Thanks, Barb!”

Kim Monroe, foster mom, Greenville, VA

“My 4-yr. old granddaughters love this CD. We most frequently use it while in the car and they actively participate in the songs using as much animation as they can. The memorization skills the songs build in children makes this CD fun as well as educational. We are looking forward to Barb’s next CD!”

Sue Krzastek, Waynesboro, VA

“Barb Lawson’s ‘Songs With a Twist’ should be declared a national treasure. Our four-year old can’t get enough of it! Classics like ‘Peanut Butter (and Jelly)’ and ‘Bear Hunt’ truly come alive through Barb’s enthusiastic interpretation–our daughter gets right up dancing and acts them all out from beginning to end. Whenever we need something to snap her out of a tantrum or keep her entertained, we put on that CD.”

Nate Kenyon, Newton, MA