“Thank you Barbara — your ‘Songs with a TWIST’ CD is a hit with my daughter who saw you last year at Arrowhead Elementary, and many of the songs are a part of my regular routine in my preschool classroom. I am a speech language pathologist — we warm up every preschool class with the ‘Flea Fly’ song because it is a great way to get everyone’s articulators moving as it hits almost every single English sound. Even if their productions aren’t precise, the effort the children use to try to get all the sounds during the song are a great exercise!!!”
Sheri Castellarin
Teacher and Parent
Virginia Beach Public Schools

“I cannot tell you how grateful we are that you came to visit in January! Trantwood loves you and we are still buzzing with your songs, stories, and laughter! My 6- year old and I listen to your CD going to and from school. At the PTA board meeting last night, the parents clapped when I brought up your name. We hope you will reserve a date for Trantwood next school year. You were terrific!”
Janet Roewer
Trantwood Elementary
Virginia Beach Public Schools

“Mrs. Lawson has made me laugh since I was born!”
Ethan Wonderley
Ninth Grade student

“You were at John C. Myers on Thursday in Broadway, Virginia. I just wanted to share how much our students and staff enjoyed your performance that afternoon! Several commented, ‘That was the best one in years that we have had at our school!’ On a personal note, my sons go to John C. Myers and are in second and fourth grade. It has been fun to listen to them talk and perform your songs/skits non-stop! My youngest has continually driven us nuts by walking around the house (without a propeller hat on–but has said he now wants one!) saying, “Hey, guess what–guess what—guess what–!’ Thanks for your talents and how you share them with students and teachers!!”
Lisa Roeschley
Title 1 Reading Specialist
John C. Myers Elementary
Rockingham County Public Schools

“You were a big hit at CLES yesterday! Thank you so much! We had a great time!! We look forward to having you back next year!”
Vicki W. Lowe, NBCT
Library Media Specialist
Corporate Landing Elementary
Virginia Beach Public Schools

“Barbara, thank you so much!!! Everyone is still talking about what a great time they had…teachers and students! 🙂 I am thrilled that everyone enjoyed themselves, but I was most pleased with our special needs students…they were engaged the entire time!!! They were laughing, singing, and doing the hand motions alongside the other students…what a blessing that was!!! Thank you again and we look forward to the next time.”
Teresa Sanders
Literacy Coach
Rocky Mount Elementary
Franklin County Public Schools

“Thank you SO MUCH for coming to our school to help us celebrate Read Across America and our Family Reading Night. You are just wonderful! I appreciate you bringing your magic to our students and families. I hope to see you again soon. :-)”
Melanie E. Falls
Effinger Elementary School
Rockbridge County Public Schools

“We had a great time! Thank you so much for coming. We would love to have you back next year. Thanks again!”
MaryBeth Lemanski Jones
Reading Recovery Teacher
Diamond Springs Elementary School
Virginia Beach Public School

“What a wonderful delight you are, you made me laugh until I cried at the Campbell County Public Library grand finale summer reading program. Your storytelling ability is unique, extraordinary and unforgettable. I will never read The Cat In the Hat the same way again after experiencing your rendition of this all time favorite book. Thank you for a wonderful storytelling experience. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Valinda Trent, Program Manager Campbell County Public Library
Campbell County, VA

“You are an amazing inspiration to us all, on how to be more fun with kids! Please come back soon! I think you should travel the country! Thanks for sharing your talents and love with us all!”
Erika Phillips, parent
Arrowhead Elementary School
Virginia Beach Public Schools

“I just wanted to tell you how much we all enjoyed your performance yesterday. I teach PreK and they were so excited about everything that they did with you. Thank you for a wonderful morning!”
Janis Rule, PreSchool Teacher
Berkeley Glenn Elementary
Waynesboro City Schools

“What a treat it was to end the week on such a high note. Your performance was so zany and so much fun. You make it seem so natural and easy that it is easy to forget the talent that it takes to produce such a quality show.”
Watts Schwab, Library Media Specialist
Meriwether Lewis Elementary School
Albemarle County Schools

“Thank you very much for presenting your wonderful storytelling program for our students last week. Everyone is still talking about what a great job you did! I heard many wonderful comments from the teachers and students and best of all I overheard a table of first graders in the cafeteria the very next day singing your “Na na na na na” bird story with all the voice changes you made! That just goes to show you the children loved and remembered your stories. You couldn’t ask for a better compliment! We all agree that we need to incorporate more of your stories into our lessons at school. Thank you again for doing such a creative and child-centered program for us. We really appreciate it!”
Mary Louise Long,
Library Media Specialist
Pleasant Valley Elementary School
Rockingham County Schools

“I just wanted to let you know what wonderful things I have heard all day about your program. I had two 5th graders tell me that it was the best they had ever seen at Gordon-Barbour. All the teachers were equally as impressed with your performance. Thanks again for such a superb program!”
Mary Yowell, Library Media Specialist
Gordon-Barbour Elementary
Orange County Schools

“Thanks so much! You were wonderful! Everyone has said so!
Kathy Piasely, Library Media Specialist
Mary Munford Model School
Richmond City Schools

“The teachers have all expressed the opinion that your assembly was one of the best they have attended, if not the best!”
Ginny Forman, Library Media Specialist
Cale Elementary School
Albemarle County Public Schools

“The comments from parents and staff were so positive about your performance that we want you to come back!”
Diane Secord, Literacy Committee Chair
Keister Elementary School
Harrisonburg City Public Schools

“You are a great actor. I like how you twisted the story around. When you sang songs with us it made me feel like I was in a band. Thanks so much for coming.”
Cara, third grade student

“What a ball of energy! I really enjoyed her performance!
Judy Simmons, teacher
Waterman Elementary School
Harrisonburg City Schools

“Thank you again for sharing your songs and stories. The children and I enjoyed it! We love the CD! Truly, what a wonderful talent you have with the children and their families.”
Sue Spiotto, parent
Legacy Elementary School
Loudoun County Public Schools, VA

“Thank you very much for being the ‘Grand Finale’ of our Children’s Book Week celebration! Staff and students alike enjoyed every second of your performance. Thanks for helping us have fun while we are learning!”
Tammy Perry, Media Specialist
H. K. Cassell Elementary School
Augusta County, VA

Dear Mrs. Lawson,
Your show was awesome. It was absolutely hysterical, especially the lollipop song. Me and my friends are constantly repeating it over and over. Can you please come and do it again? Will you?
Eve, third grade student

“Many, many thanks for coming to Camp Dragonfly to hold us spellbound Sunday afternoon. It was great fun listening to your stories with a twist and watching you charm your young audience – the entire camp.”
Debbie Brown, Director
Jean Nichols, Chair
Camp Dragonfly
AMC Hospice of the Shenandoah

“You were wonderful on Friday. I’ve heard great feedback about the program. And here’s a little complement for you. As I put (my daughter) to bed the other night and while she was supposed to be quiet, I heard her singing your songs. And both my kids have done just what you said and sung the Ravioli song and thought of every possible place on their bodies that the ravioli could be found. What a great show!”
Andrea Terry, parent
Westwood Hills Elementary School
Waynesboro City Schools

“I’ve gotten many positive responses regarding your program. The students and teachers had a great time. One teacher said she hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks for coming.”
Diane Cassidy, Media Specialist
Burnley-Moran Elementary School
Charlottesville City Schools

“The school was buzzing with talk of the storyteller and her comical face. You were well received by all at our school. I will never think of a lollipop the same way again! You were terrific! Keep up the great work. Thanks again for starting off our reading month with a BANG!”
Sydney Gilley, Media Specialist
Midway Elementary School
Dinwiddie County Public Schools

“Your performance was wonderful and it was so fulfilling to see the delight on the children’s faces and their laughs – the staff, too! I heard some of the staff comment that it was the best assembly they had ever attended. Again, thank you for a great storytelling experience for all.
Edie Richards, Media Specialist
Woodbrook Elementary School
Albemarle County Public Schools

“Thank you for the wonderful storytelling you did at Coles. The kids just loved it and so did the staff.”
Sue Siegel, Librarian
Coles Elementary School
Prince William County Schools

“I don’t know (who was) responsible for bringing Barbara Lawson to our school, and I don’t know if she was intended for the CHILDREN or the STAFF (the later is what I’m thinking) but I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to LAUGH! She’s a hoot!”
Classroom Teacher
Waterman Elementary School
Harrisonburg City Schools

“Tonight you did a family night program at my daughter’s school, and I swear my cheeks are still hurting. I have never been so entertained by entertainment for my children in my life. YOU ROCK! Just thought I would let you know. I purchased both of your CD’s and both my girls went to bed listening to them. You’re our NEW FAVORITE! Can’t wait to share you with everyone! Once again, Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re EXCELLENT AT IT! Thanks for a fun and entertaining night.”
Amber Bruffy
Parent Butts Road Primary School
Chesapeake Public Schools