Here’s a great idea! An Author Visit! Barb will make it a great, interactive experience in which students are involved before she even arrives.

She will send “pre-visit” activities and ideas for the teachers to use to get kids ready and excited about the day. Barb will visit classrooms and share her children’s books that she has written and illustrated. Then Barb will demonstrate how she created some of the illustrations, as well as share other awesome activities connected with her books.

Author Visits are usually one- or two-day events. This gives Barb time to visit as many classrooms as possible. If you prefer, one grade level can be targeted, giving Barb more time to spend with each class. She can work with up to two classes at a time (up to 50 students).

This makes it more of an “Up-Close and Personal” gathering where Barb and the students can have face-to-face interaction and discussions. A great time will be had by all!

And as a follow-up to the visit, Barb will send “Book Notes” to each classroom. Ya-hoo!

Contact Barb for prices and availability.